• Star Depot Aksaray - About Us, Company Information, Vision and Mission

Star Depo - Fuel Depot Manufacturing

STAR DEPO 1980 three friends started their activities as a jointly established company for sheet metal parts and mold making. Having been influenced by the crises experienced at the beginning, our partnership has been disturbed and since 1984, As a result of Tahsin Erdal AKSAY Bey's intense efforts, it has now become a big company that produces at world standards.

STAR DEPO, who has signed under the difficult parts produced in Turkey, has been serving Mercedes Benz Turkey for 28 years with the advantages of years of experience and advantages of wide machine park. While offering serious supplier industry service to both domestic and foreign companies, And we learned not to make concessions from technology. As a result of market demands, we decided to produce aluminum fuel tanks and completed the investments with the rightful pride of using the latest technologies of technology under the STAR DEPO brand, using robot technology and serving the Turkish industry. As STAR DEPO, our contribution to the people of the region and to the Turkish economy will continue to increase day by day.

Our mission is making 100% customer satisfaction at the services we provide and the products we manufacture.

Our company vision is to bring employment to our country, expand the international market and enlarge the place of Turkish products in the world market.